Air Conditioning

Sabtech Electrical are specialists in the installation of Split System Air Conditioning.
Not every home is built the same; there are many considerations when deciding to install a new air conditioner. We are able to advise you on the best quality and efficient system for your budget and size it for the area you are looking to keep cool.
Sabtech Electrical can either Supply and Install an Air Conditioning System or Install Customer Supplied Air Conditioners, every installation is held to the same high standard and quality is assured.
Contact Sabtech Electrical today for an obligation free quote for your Air Conditioning needs, we will have you cool this Summer or Warm this Winter!
Cleaning and Maintenance
Sabtech Electrical does not just stop at installing your air conditioner we also offer and highly recommend periodic cleaning of your system allowing for the following benefits:
  • Prolong the life of your system, if your system is kept clean it works as it was designed to which means it does not have to work harder than was intended.
  • A clean Air Conditioning System is an efficient Air Conditioning System which translates to savings on your electricity bill. Investing in periodic cleaning of your Air Conditioner will save you money.
  • Air Conditioners are the perfect environment for contaminants including fungi, mould and bacteria and these contaminants become airborne every time the Air Conditioner is turned on. A clean Air Conditioner keeps your environment healthy, especially in the humid QLD environment where humidity and mould can be a potent mix.
For those who suffer from allergies a lot of the time symptoms can flareup because of the health of the Air Conditioning within the home but all to often it is not realised the two are linked. If you suffer from any of the following it is a good idea to have Sabtech Electrical inspect your system and advise if your Air Conditioning could benefit from a maintenance and cleaning program:
  • Asthma attacks
  • allergies
  • hayfever
  • fatigue
  • sore throat
  • sore, dry eyes
  • respiratory problems
  • headaches
  • tightness of chest
  • frequent colds
  • flu or flu-like symptoms