Dangers of Halogen Lighting

If halogen lighting is not installed correctly it can pose a real fire risk in a home’s roof space.

All too often halogen lighting is not originally installed correctly or insulation is installed afterwards and the correct safeguards are not put in place.


New laws regarding clearances and the installation of halogen lighting were introduced in 2007 however where halogen lights were installed previous to this date the same safeguards were not a requirement.


Halogen down light operating temperatures can reach up to 250°C, which over time can cause objects in contact to ignite and burn depending on factors such as moisture content and ambient temperature.


A safer alternative is LED lighting along with its benefits of more efficient and cheaper operation as well as long life benefits it is also a much safer option due to its operating temperature being much lower and safer than that of halogen lighting.


LED lighting that is ICF approved allows it to be abutted onto insulation and other building materials with zero clearance giving piece of mind.


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